2022 Visitor Booking Info

The Visitors Warps have now been removed for winter so the Harbour Trust will not be accepting any further bookings for 2021.

We have started taking Provisional bookings for 2022 and already have seen an increase over 2021 with some of the peak weeks starting to fill up.

No formal booking will be confirmed until 2022 when those who have made a provisional booking will receive an email informing them to complete the 2022 Visitors Booking Form.

Spaces are limited to 10 positions on the warps and 5 sand spaces.

You will be able to download the booking form and our visitors information sheet which outlines the rules for harbour use from February 2022.

We are starting to fill both our Warp & Sand Spaces for 2022 with the following dates particularly busy, current remaining availability shown below.


30th July = 4 Warp Spaces & 3 Sand Spaces

6th August = 2 Warp Spaces & 3 Sand Space

All contact details are on the booking form or from our Contacts page.