Chris Hocking Training Update 1

Winchester to Gorran Haven Cycle – 325km

Fundraising / Training update

In support of Gorran Haven Harbour Trust & selected community groups

Thurs 9th July 2020

Event update – part 1 (2 weeks to go!)


I was keen to provide an update on progress with fundraising and preparations for the Winchester to Gorran Haven Cycle on Thurs 9th July.

For those that don’t know me, I grew up in the village, (1970s/80s) mostly spending time on the water, in and out of boats and the village remains very close to my heart. In the absence this year of the Gala and many of the usual fundraising activities, I’m hoping that this event, with your support, will help raise some well needed funds.

Fundraising Update – Total so far £1,160!

Firstly, may I say a huge thank you for the incredibly generous support to date.

Donations via the “Just Giving” webpage have now reached £540. In addition, we have pledged commitments of £40. All donations (up to £1000) will be matched by my employer; so the current total of funds raised is now £1,160.

Link to the Just Giving page is –

I’m thrilled, and we still have two weeks to go – Thank you!

If you would like to offer your support and have not yet done so, there are various way to contribute:

  1. Via the Just Giving Page – Link Above
  2. A verbal / email pledge to Steve Williams, Secretary GHHT –
  3. Tea & Cakes Thurs 9th July – Why not join us at Beach Corner for Tea and Cakes (I SHOULD BE ARRIVING BY 7PM!)
  4. Join the ride (from St Austell perhaps to Gorran Haven). It’d be great to have some support for the final few miles.

Training Update

I’m pleased to report that the training’s going well. Since March lockdown I’ve completed nearly 70 rides, and a total distance ridden since then of 2250Km. Most of the rides have been on an indoor trainer, albeit more recently, with relaxation in permitted activities, I’ve been able to venture onto the roads.

With 14 days to go, I’m now building the distance of individual rides. Last Saturday saw an early start from Winchester with a clockwise looping route into Marlborough and onto Oxford. (153km in total with an average speed of 27.5km/h and 3500 calories burnt. Not too bad for a Sat morning!) A gentle SSW breeze helped nicely.

This week saw a long ride mid-week ride (190Km) and another line up for the the weekend. An update to follow on these next week.

The Route

I’m still finalising the route for the 9th July, with a real focus on minimising climbing while keeping the overall distance down. As I approach the West Country, it may be that I shape a course via Taunton, then work my way to the north of Dartmoor passing through Okehampton, then skirt south of Siblyback Lake, down past Dobwalls and follow the main road to St Austell from there.

Should any hardy souls be keen to join me from St Austell, we’ll take the route via the Pentewan valley, turn right at the top of Pentewan Hill and take the road past Heligan, through Gorran and down Bell Hill to Beach Corner.  Job Done!

Please feel free to drop me a note on if this is something you’d like to do!


That’s all for this week.  A huge and heartfelt “Thank you” for your interest and support in whatever form it takes. It’s great that together we’re able to make a small contribution in these most unusual and challenging times.

Best regards,


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